Battling Heart Trouble?
Is the Divine Physician on Your Team of Doctors”
He Want to Be!

Do you realize God has called Himself Jehovah Rophe, the Divine Physician? He wants to be involved in your case, but you need to engage Him through prayer.
No sure how to pray?
Too emotionally taxed to pray with clarity?

No problem! The Strength of My Heart, an mp3 prayer, provides prayer based on scripture, based on promises God has already made. Download the prayer to immediately experience the strengthening power of it. The four-part study that follows in this next week is plasma for your spirit.

Is prayer power necessary in light of all the medical protocols your are following?
Well, let me ask:
Do you lay awake at night worrying about what lies ahead?
Are you stricken with fear over the result of your next medical test?
Do you feel alone in your struggle, even though you are surrounded by people administering aid?
Are your emotions prone to get crazy and chaotic?
Do you wonder if anything else can be done?

If any of the above applies, then wage your own prayer campaign and get God on your medical team.

Is He interested?

He says:

“You will call on Me and pray to Me and I will listen to you. Search with all your heart and you will find Me.”
(Jeremiah29:12-13, paraphrased)
“I am the God who heals.” (Exodus 15:26, paraphrased)

So, if you have not enlisted His aid yet, waste no more time!


If you have prayed, but have had trouble staying focused in prayer,
The Strength of My Heart is the boost you need. Ramp up your prayer and expand your faith.

Fighting fear?
The Strength of My Heart is a powerful antidote.
The Strength of My Heart is about life.
Fear diminishes life and can lead to death.

I remember when a giant sequoia tree fell on a picnic ground in Sequoia National Park. The only fatality: a woman who did not even get scratched. Her heart failed. Fear is a killer!

You can walk free of fear in spite of whatever is falling around you. Use The Strength of My Heart to stay focused on life and hope as you seek God in prayer and walk through any necessary medical interventions. Claim healing promises over your circumstances, no matter how hopeless those circumstances appear.
Pray with the persistence that God loves. Praying with persistence certainly beats fretting with persistence!
Develop the atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving that fosters healing. You are creating your own atmosphere. Make it lovely, memorable and healing!
Give God the opportunity to show Himself strong on your behalf. With Him nothing is impossible.

Order today to
Download a five-minute mp3 prayer for your computer or ipod. Have prayer at your fingertips anytime, day or night.

Download the pdf of your prayer. Print copies to leave in all the places where you spend time.

Download a separate pdf of your prayer for prayer partners. The wording is adapted for another to be praying for you. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage the power of agreement!

Start the life-changing four-part study. Become strong in the Lord and the power of His might. You will find yourself going over this encouraging study time and again. Send the links to your prayer partners. They will love you for i

A few lines from the prayer:

Lord Jesus, You said, "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be open to you." (Matt 7:7)So I ask, I seek and I knock on Your door, O God, for the healing of this heart of mine. The word "ask" in the Greek denotes an insistent asking. So I continue to ask without hesitation and without shame. I ask and I keep asking for healing until my healing is complete, knowing that such persistence is in keeping with your word, O God. (Phillippians 4:6; Psalms 30:2-3; Jeremiah 29:11-14).I ask with persistence, but also with awe...awe over Your goodness and greatness, Dear God. Awe for the atoning work of Your Son,Jesus! Father, I praise You for the power released through the death and resurrection of Jesus that makes Divine healing available to me. (Ephesians 1:3-34)

Don't waste another day!
Get started with your prayer:
The Strength of My Heart and experience the change.

Cost? $5.97 to cover the expense of making this available. –Don’t pass up this opportunity!

Risk? None! - If you are not satisfied with what you have received, contact me with a comment of why this offer did not meet your expectations and I will graciously refund your $5.97.

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Jeanie Rose,
speaker, author, retreat leader
(over three decades of teaching prayer)

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